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We take great pride in being the sole Malawian law firm that holds membership within the esteemed Primerus network. Primerus, established in 1992, stands as a global alliance of lawfirms dedicated to delivering superlative legal services at equitable rates. Presently, Primerusencompasses over 150 member firms spanning across more than 40 countries.Admittance into Primerus is exclusively extended by invitation. Prospective members undergo astringent vetting process, wherein their legal proficiency, professional experience, andadherence to ethical standards are thoroughly evaluated. Upon successful assessment, eachPrimerus-affiliated firm undergoes an annual audit, ensuring that the legal services provided toclients maintain an exemplary standard, thereby upholding the distinction of being the "best ofthe best" year after year.Every member of Primerus subscribes to a set of six fundamental pillars: integrity, theproduction of exemplary work, equitable fee structures, ongoing legal education,professionalism, and active engagement in community service endeavors.


Delamere House
Victoria Avenue

+265 888 674 544

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